Bounce house for your fire station

Whether you want a spectacular demonstration with water and fire, a special information stand about the fire department or simply a very pleasant afternoon: an open day at the fire station is a great opportunity to give friends, family and interested local residents a look behind the scenes. One thing is certain: for the smallest visitors this is an occasion they will not easily forget! Make the party complete with a bounce house with your city or region on it, and bring the unit out at each event.

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Small effort, gigantic fun!

More and more often we see that fire departments and other emergency services have a custom-made bouncy castle made by us. With such a great playground in front of the door, you do all the children (and therefore their parents) a huge favor. Especially if the bounce house looks exactly like the impressive fire engines that they will probably get to see up close for the first time!  

Quick to set up

Now you probably think: such a gigantic bounce house must be a lot of work to set up. Right? Well, that is not so bad. Your inflatable comes with its own blower, which means that it's is up and running in about ten minutes, and the dismantling time is the same. And for that you only need two firemen or women.  

What kind of fireman's inflatable are you looking for?

It is actually quite simple: everything is possible! JB offers a wide range of inflatable products in fireman's style, the most obvious being of course a bounce house in the shape of a fire engine. How about one with a slide? Or just an indoor bouncy castle with the logo of your city or region on it?


Custom made training material

What we also see more and more often at JB is that fire stations ask us to design an inflatable that they can use as training material. Think of a house that is used to demonstrate the poor visibility in case of smoke development. Handy, because when it is no longer needed, it hardly takes up any storage space.

You decide the on colors, texts and logos

Have you seen one or more inflatables on our site that match what you have in mind? Then save those products as favorites by clicking on the heart. Send them to us with an explanation of your wishes. You will receive a free custom design in your mailbox within 24 hours!

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