Bouncy houses for financial service providers: banks and mortgage lenders

Banks and mortgage lenders take their social role seriously. In addition to the daily 'business' of financial services, they support all kinds of events: from tennis tournaments and soccer mathces to cultural events and fundraisers. In exchange for their support, they can advertise at the event. And what better way to do that than with a bounce house or inflatable promotion object?

financiële dienstverlener springkussen rabobank

Inflatable advertising at sport events

From international tournaments to kids sport clubs: banks and mortgage lenders make a lot of sports events possible! For example as a sponsor, and sometimes even as an organizer. A real win-win, because while the participants and spectators enjoy a professional event, you as a bank can advertise effectively. For example with a custom made advertising arch at the start and finish of the race, or with skytubes and skydancers in the colors of your corporate identity. If your bank supports a soccer tournament, then you can't do without inflatable soccer boardings!

financiële dienstverlener finishboog rabobank
financiële dienstverlener skytube unive
financiële dienstverlener boarding ING

Just grab it! Inflatable cash machine

Whatever event you sponsor or organize, there is always room for a cool game! How about the cash machine challenge? The idea is simple: participants step into an inflatable cash machine with a built-in fan. On the floor are coupons or banknotes. As soon as you turn on the fan, the bills fly around. So grab it! This game is a real crowd pleaser, so your company is sure to be in the limelight.


Don't forget to entertain the kids: game or bounce house

Does your organization support an event for children? Then a bounce house just has to be at the event! At JB Promotions you can easily order a custom-made bounce house: in the colors of your organization, or in a unique shape that suits your service. Think of a house or piggy bank! Also fun: an inflatable game, such as an exciting stick catching game or an interactive IPS table. These are the kinds of attractions that really make children happy!