Custom inflatable for your car dealership

Whether you sell used cars or brand new models: our versatile inflatables are the quickest way to attract the attention of a wide audience! The colorful creations can be seen from afar and invite you to make a pit stop. That makes inflatables from JB a popular promotional tool at car dealers all over Europe.


Autobedrijf inflatables

Springt in het oog

Strikes the eye

With an inflatable in front of the door your showroom stands out even more. Great if you are organizing an open day, promoting a new car model or simply want to attract extra visitors during the weekend. You obviously can also use your unique inflatable at various events in your region. For example, at the sports club where you are sponsor or on the town square during the weekend.


All shapes and sizes

A beautiful bounce house on the sidewalk is enough to make your customers (and especially their children) happy. But if you want, we'll throw in all our tips and tricks in ! How about a bounce house in the shape of an engine? Or an inflatable camper full of obstacles? We can make literally anything you can think of. Even if it's about funny details like a flat tire or a crack in the windshield.


A bounce house is ideal for everyone

Actually, inflatables are like cars: they should not only look good, but also do what they are made for. That is why our inflatables attract attention and make people happy. The children are ecstatic because they can go crazy in their own bouncy paradise. You and your customers are happy because you can have a quiet chat and look at some cars. That's a win-win!

Fully in your company style

Whatever your goal and whatever form you choose, we can fully personalize any type of inflatable to match the style of your company, for example, to promote a specific brand of car. Colors, texts and logos: tell us what you want, and our designers will get to work right away. 


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