Installatie & onderhoud

Do you have questions about setting up, dismantling or maintaining your inflatable? Our service team will be happy to give you personal advice and support you with practical instructions for use.

How do I inflate my inflatable?


You will always receive an extensive manual with your customized inflatable product. In it you will find, among other things, the instructions for inflation. In short, it comes down to this:

  1. Place the inflatable in a safe environment, on a flat surface.
  2. Roll out the inflatable.
  3. Connect the blower to the inflatable, plug it in and inflate the product!
  4. Anchor the inflatable! Now it's ready to use.

You can inflate the inflatable on your own, but with two people, it's just a little bit easier. Do you have any questions about this subject? Call us!


How do I store an inflatable?

With your custom-made inflatable product, you always receive a detailed manual. This includes instructions for deflating and packing up. In short, it boils down to this:

  1. Check thoroughly that the inflatable is empty. Are all the children, shoes, and socks out?
  2. Unplug and open the zipper.
  3. Ensure that as much air as possible is out by letting the inflatable lie down or walking over it calmly.
  4. Fold the inflatable over and roll it up.

You can inflate the inflatable by yourself, but it's a bit easier with two people.


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How do I clean an inflatable?

Watch our instructional video for cleaning your inflatable.

Keeping your inflatable clean and dry increases the product longevity, and helps keeping your product looking presentable.

Make sure that if a product gets wet, it always is dried before packing, to prevent water stains. In case of heavy rainfall, the inside of the inflatable can also get wet. Make to get inflatable in the dry environment and inflate it with slippers open so that the product could get dry with a help of an airflow.

In case of having sand and soil on the inflatable, it can easily be removed with vacuum cleaner, food stains and spills are to be removed with all-purpose cleaner. Make sure that confetti are not used in the inflatable, they are almost impossible to fully remove.


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What instructions do I give the users of a bouncy house?


JB Inflatables bouncy castles always contain instructions for their safe use. Those instructions come down to this:

  • Always follow the instructions of the supervisor
  • Take off your shoes before you go on the bounce house.
  • Play carefully: avoid bumping into each other and pushing.
  • Do not climb on the walls of the bounce house

There is no maximum age for the use of a bounce house, but often there is a maximum height of users.This depends on the wall height of the bounce house.  

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What is the product life of the JB bounce house ?

Everything, undoubtedly, depends on the manner of usage of the product. We presume that the bounce house will be well maintained and will last for many years. That is actually the main reason why we offer a 5 year warranty and service support.

What we know from experience is that an average product life of JB products is 10+ years. We have clients who use our inflatables for more than 15 years. The usual case is that customers look into buying a new bounce house somewhere between 5 and 10 years of usage. The main reason it to update the assortment and fit into entertainment trends.

Moreover, a 5 year old moonwalk still has a good market value on the second-hand market.  

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