Skytube Full Colour 8m

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Blower 950 watt kopen voor skydancer inflatable springkussen voor bedrijven adverteren aandacht
Skydancer Blower 950 watt
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A cheerful eye-catcher for any occasion: that's the full colour skytube. This swinging friend comes in two heights: 6 meters and 8 meters. You can get the skytube in all colours of the rainbow and even have your own logo or corporate identity printed on it. How cool is that?

A skytube full colour is the ideal way to draw attention to your project, event, party or any gathering. Are you opening the doors of your own store? Place one or two skytubes at the door and people will immediately know where they need to be. Do you want your booth to stand out in a large exhibition hall? Our sky tubes will help you. Are you hoping for a large turnout at an open day? Leave it to the sky tubes of JB!

Please note: This is a custom product. We will contact you so we can discuss your needs and create a beautiful design for you.

Please note: that this product is offered without a skydancer blower, this skydancer blower can be ordered separately.

Buy a professional skytube at JB Inflatables

At JB Inflatables you will find lots of inflatable skytubes. These professional skytubes come in all sorts of colours and sizes and are definitely user-friendly. Turn on the blower and WOOSH: your cheerful skytubes shoots straight into the air. The inflatable eye-catchers of JB Inflatables stand out and often do well on social media, for example by imitating the movements of the waving skytubes. You are sure not to regret buying a dancing inflatable.

Order your own inflatable promotional material

You certainly want your party or event to be unforgettable. The buying inflatable, promotional material is a great idea. Inflatable advertising is easy to store. In case you want to use it again, the setup process takes a matter of seconds? It's possible to produce skytubes in any colour, print or pattern. Wish to add a logo on it? That's no problem: we will arrange it for you!

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Practical information

Setup time approx. 10 minutes
Package format 0,4 x 0,2 x 0,2 meter
Inflated product
Height 8m
Setup / dismantling
Setup/Dismantling duration approx. 10 minutes
Persons to setup/dismantle 1 person
Specifications packaged product
Length 0,4m
Depth 0,2m
Weight 2kg
Amount of packages 1x
Warranty 1 year warranty
Service 1 Year service

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