Walking advertising : from mascot suit to walking product

Do you want to buy a mascot suit, or are you looking for a promotional costume to advertise your brand? Then there are many options to choose from! If you go for an inflatable version, you will benefit from a few advantages. In this article, we list some walking advertisement ideas for you, and show why an inflatable walking suit is so useful.


Mascotte expert

Steal the show with a mascot suit

Mascots do not only bring happiness, they also create an atmosphere and are a great showcase for your brand! Children are particularly fond of them, but adults also secretly want to be photographed with a mascot... So cool if your event visitors are going to take selfies with your mascot and post them on their Instagram, isn't it? If you want to buy a mascot suit, an inflatable version is a smart choice. After all, you don't use such a suit on a daily basis, so it's nice if it takes up little space in your storage room. If you do need it, you can inflate it in no time. Handy!


Mascotte stofzuiger

Taking your product for a walk

Are you launching a new product? Then you are surely going to advertise it! You might even attend trade fairs and events: the perfect opportunities to introduce your product 'live' to your target group. During such an event you can stay at your stand, but you can also send your product to the exhibition floor! At JB Promotions you can easily order an inflatable, enlarged version of your product - in the form of a promotional costume. Such an inflatable costume is easy to transport, quick to inflate and easy to pack up. Ideal.


Opblaasbaar looppak bidon
Wandelend logo Migo

Make your logo extra fun

Is your product not suitable for inflatable product enlargement, but you would still like to attract attention at a trade fair or event? Then just inflate your logo! A walking logo is just as effective as a mascot or enlarged product, but you don't have to think up a playful concept for it. Moreover, it is multi-purpose: you can pull it out of the closet again at every event! Ask our designers to turn your logo into an inflatable promotional costume.



Designed for you

JB Promotions has already made hundreds of promotional costumes and mascot suits. In all kinds of shapes, and in all colors of the rainbow. We are curious about your wishes and are happy to give you design advice.



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