This way, you offer the best service

Customers naturally come to your rental company to rent a beautiful bouncy castle for their party, fair or event. But when do they tell others about your company and come back to you? Exactly: if they also receive the best service and a giant bouncy castle. Offering good service not only means being customer-friendly but also: devising fun promotions, offering extra inspiration and responding perfectly to the demands of your customers.

Zo bied jij de beste service kinderen

Make it easy for customers

Good service starts on your website. Make sure you show a beautiful, up-to-date range that matches the season and responds to popular themes. Customers can then easily find the bouncy castle they want. Of course, everything you offer must be immediately available, and you must be easily accessible for (service) questions. This way, you make it easy and attractive for customers to rent from you.

Listen to the wishes of your (smallest) customers

Your customers are looking for a lovely bouncy castle. Of course, you know that. But what makes them happy? And more importantly: what do children like the most about a bouncy castle? Listen to the advice of your smallest customers and adjust your assortment accordingly. Fun and success are guaranteed!

Zo bied jij de beste service - kleinste klanten

Surprise your customers with experience and fun promotions

The most successful companies often offer just a little more than their competitors. There are opportunities there! Don't just deliver a fun bouncy castle: turn it into a whole experience! For example, provide jumping diplomas that your customers can hand out to the children. Also, come up with fun and distinctive promotions. Think of a lousy weather guarantee or giveaway. Be creative!


Rather choose new inflatables

Does your range consist of old or second-hand inflatables, and do you have the budget to replace them? This way, you can guarantee your customers' safety, respond better to their wishes, and be innovative. JB Inflatables knows which themes are popular and gives a five-year warranty on new inflatables, including service maintenance and the required certificate. A new bouncy castle is a good investment that will pay for itself quickly.

A satisfied customer returns to you faster, which is essential for word-of-mouth advertising.

Give personal advice and think along!

Customers appreciate it when you show personal involvement by giving advice and thinking along. So always listen carefully to the wishes and needs of your customers. For example, an inflatable with Interactive Play System or a bouncy castle with a bath will perfectly suit their party or event. Doing everything you can to offer good service will bring you satisfied customers and opportunities to rent out more inflatables.