Sound, light: Action! Choose Interactive Playsysytems

Looking into making your standard inflatable more fun and adding extra play experience? Or are you looking for an educational game full of action and competition? Take a look at the Interactive Playsystems (IPS) of JB Inflatables - real hit worldwide.

The IPS were developed by the team at JB Inflatables. "We were looking for something that rental companies could use to bring their inflatables to the new level of fun. Something new, something unique," says John Bosscher (JB). That became the interactive systems, which can be installed onto existing inflatables. Think of a button that - when someone presses it - causes an action. "But," John explains, "eventually that took on a life of its own and came to be a product line ."

Fun & Education

Rental businesses can broaden their product range with the IPS products, and Interactive Playsystems are also an asset for individuals. "People want something new, more action. And we see that IPS is often used educationally," says John. "For example, at sports clubs or at schools, having been integrated into the educational process.""

Let's compete !

Engage into the agility battle. Players can compete by pressing the sensors as quick as possible. Whether you tap them yourself, or score with a ball, everything counts! The sensors react both to touch and impact. The points are recorded on the scoreboard for both teams. The sensors communicate with scoreboard with WiFi generated by the system itself.

Curious to learn more about the possibilities of usage of JB's Interactive Playsystem ?

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Did you know that JB is always working on new products and techniques? IPS is not an exception. In 2022 something groundbreaking is coming. Keep a close eye on the assortment of JB!

IPS pylonnen
Interactive Sport Cones 10x
€ 799,00

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Opblaasbare arena voor IPS game kopen
IPS Bunker
€ 2.699,00

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Interactief opblaasbaar drumstel te koop
IPS Drum Kit
€ 1.995,00

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Interactieve basketbal game kopen
IPS Basketball Game
€ 2.699,00

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