airmountain de slenken
Airmountain Swimming Pool de Slenken
€ 10.000,00

€ 12.100,00 (incl. VAT)

Production available on request

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Airmountain in the theme Ellmau in your given size for children. Buy inflatable airmountains now online at JB Inflatables UK



An Airmountain by JB Inflatables guarantees hours of outdoor fun. Playgrounds, campsites, swimming pools and restaurants; more and more often they offer their young guests' entertainment with an Air trampoline. And it's a great choice! Buying an Airmountain, having it installed and maintained is easy and brings a lot of fun and benefits. You can order an Airmountain in standard version or go for a unique, custom made product. Whatever your choice, with a JB airmountain you guest will always have lots of fun on it.

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Airmountains Kopen; Standaard of Maatwerk AirTrampolines bestellen van JB Inflatables voor campings, zwembaden of airtrampolines voor horeca

What are the advantages of Airmountains from JB?

An Airmountain from JB Inflatables is always a good idea and here is why:

  1. Top Quality & Warranty

    Our professionals work exclusively with the best materials and are best at what they do. Thus, we guarantee top quality and give a 2-year warranty and service maintenance on our airmountains.

  2. Fast delivery throughout whole Europe

    We deliver within entire Europe. So you can always have an air trampoline delivered within days.

  3. Our extensive range

    We have airmountains in all shapes and sizes and our standard range consists of more than 40 different designs. Plenty of choice!

  4. Certificate included

    Our Airmountains are supplied with the NEN-EN 14960 certificate and logbook with manual.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about our Airmountains? About the purchase, installation, our service or any other aspects? We probably have the answer. Maybe your question is among our frequently asked questions. And if not, we'd be happy to answer it for you personally.

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Can I buy an air trampoline in my own colours?

That is certainly possible. You can buy an air trampoline in any colour you want. Our in-house design and production department can design an air trampoline in your colours based on your wishes.

How does the installation process work?

The airmountain is delivered as a DIY kit, making it easy for you to install the airmountain yourself.

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Is there a certificate for the Airmountains?

Absolutely. All our Airmountains come with the NEN-EN 14960 certificate and a logbook with manual.

What is the warranty term?

Op onze airmountains bieden wij 2 jaar garantie en serviceonderhoud. Wij zijn er namelijk van overtuigd dat onze airmountains (bij normaal gebruik) niet stukgaan binnen deze termijn. En mocht je toch een probleem hebben, dan lost onze inhouse serviceafdeling dit natuurlijk voor je op.

What is the lead time?

After an order is finalized your airmountain we can deliver it within approx. 2 weeks

What exactly is Air trampoline and how exactly does it work?

An air trampoline is actually an inflatable, but the one which is built in the terrain. It's supported by continuously running blower, which is placed underground, the air trampoline is also fixed in the ground and secured.

Can I install the Airmountain myself?

The airmountain comes as a ready to set up package, so you can easily install your airmountain yourself.

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What is the estimated product lifetime of the Airmountain?

This, of course, depends on the use of the Airmountain. But with normal use and good maintenance an Airmountain will last about 5 years..

What material is an Airmountain made of?

We work exclusively with strong 900 gram PVC. The material is high-frequency sealed.

How can I store my Air trampoline in winter?

Cover the deflated airmountain with a cloth. This way, your Airmountain will stay intact even in winter.

Does the blower make a lot of noise?

No, the blower is almost inaudible. This is because it is well concealed in a closed barrel.