Corsica celebrates Christmas with an impressive hot air balloon from JB Inflatables!

Every year around Christmas, the French municipality of Furiani organises something special for its residents. A unique item is placed in the middle of the roundabout in the city centre, completely in the Christmas spirit. And how nice is it when JB Inflatables is allowed to give meaning to this!

A balloon more than 14 metres high, topped with all kinds of fun Christmas images; that's what it became! An impressive display, which passers-by can see from miles away. When they come closer, they can also see the beautiful Christmas village underneath the balloon. Your eyes will be gazing out.

Opblaasbare luchtballon in kerst thema op maat gemaakt door JB kopen


The client wanted to surprise the residents of the French island of Corsica and decided to place a huge Christmas hot air balloon on one of the city's main roundabouts. The aim is to light up the town and create a large outreach. It is a great way to spread the Christmas spirit.


op maat gemaakte luchtballon in kerst thema kopen op aanvraag bij JB
Opblaasbare luchtballon in kerst thema kopen op aanvraag maatwerk
op maat gemaakte luchtballon in kerst thema kopen op aanvraag bij JB

Approach: design, produce, test and deliver on time

The client called in JB Inflatables to design and produce a hot air balloon in a short time, namely 5 weeks. Of course, we don't say 'no' to such a nice challenging assignment at JB. The designers went straight to work and developed this hot air balloon, including Christmas decorations. 

JB Inflatables has created a captivating design while taking into account the stability of the product to ensure maximum safety. Thus, the balloon was reinforced at several points. After the client's approval, the design went into production, after which it was extensively tested and approved. The product was delivered complete with a blower and anchoring points. The customer was also provided with a detailed step-by-step plan so that the hot air balloon could be easily set up and taken down.


Result: an impressive inflatable and a pleased customer!

It has become the ultimate eye-catcher: a giant 14-metre-high hot air balloon, which you can see from very far away. Thanks to the unique and colourful Christmas print and the distinctive shape of the hot air balloon, this has become a fantastic project. Corsica is all set for Christmas! 


Opblaasbare luchtballon met kersthema

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