Design your own product enlargement or 3D figure: size matters!

Think big. No, bigger. No, no, even bigger. Be bold, because when it comes to product enlargement or 3D figures, the sky's the limit. Trade fairs, open days, sports tournaments, fairs, parades, village fairs, festivals, openings or fairs: an event becomes really festive with a product enlargement or 3D figure. Whether you want to promote a product, literally portray someone as a celebrity or be visible and findable from a distance: we will gladly customize these inflatable eye catchers for you. Any size, to be precise!


Think big and be visible

A food festival or culinary event is great fun, but with all the hustle and bustle, visitors can easily walk past your stall. That chance becomes much smaller as soon as you make your 'presence' bigger. From cake to fruit and from pizza to beer: it doesn't matter what you sell, your turnover will skyrocket as soon as you get an Inflatable promo object. Difficult? No, it isn't. Just let us know your idea and the desired dimensions, put the blower on and off you go! Quick to set up, easy to store and years of visibility guarantee!


Bring your logo to life

Maybe you don't have a single product to promote, but you do have a name to uphold. Well, you can do that quite literally by inflating your logo to a huge size. No one who walks past your brand will ever forget your name. Whether you own a supermarket or sell clothing, are an institution or run a restaurant: make your brand a success with an inflatable promo object!


3D inflatable figures are always fun

JB can make anything or even anyone in the form of an inflatable! We are not joking! Isn't it brilliant, when your neighbor on his 50th birthday sees himself in the morning in the garden, in the shape of an inflatable? Kids love seeing their favorite cartoon heroes in the shape of inflatables and taking pictures with them. We can obviously design any cartoon character, from fun bee to an elephant, spaceships and planes, trains and motorcycles. Everything is possible. Or And after the championship win you can honor the club's top scorer. If necessary, make a zoo or cartoon hall of fame out of the entire mall! In short: use your imagination, put the design team of JB to work and in no time that inflatable parrot, snail, truck or other mascot will be at your door.


A unique inflatable for your company

JB Promotions already made numerous inflatable product enlargements and 3D figures. For retailers, organizations and sponsors. We are curious about your wishes and would be happy to advise you.

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