Import bouncy castle? Think about it carefully

If you search online for a new bouncy castle, you will quickly find several foreign suppliers. What does it matter when buying or importing a bouncy castle in the Netherlands? The delivery service does its job. Nevertheless, it is essential to consider whether you want to buy your inflatable from a Dutch or foreign company. Importing can cause serious disadvantages. Have you got all the facts straight? Then you can make an informed decision.

Springkussens importeren? Denk er goed over na voorraad

A bouncy castle with a (Dutch) certificate is mandatory

In the Netherlands, the NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) monitors the safety and quality of inflatables. An inspection body designated by the NVWA carries out the inspection and certification (according to NEN-EN 14960) for this purpose. Foreign suppliers often declare that their inflatables meet these standards, but more is needed. To be allowed to rent out, a bouncy castle with a certificate from a Dutch inspection body is required.

Buying a bouncy castle from abroad

A different (often less strict) standard applies abroad. As a result, you are still determining whether the bouncy castle you buy meets the Dutch quality and safety requirements. If things go wrong, your imported bouncy castle will be rejected, and you will not receive a certificate. Then you can only rent out the bouncy castle.

Are you buying a bouncy castle from China? Take additional costs into account.

If you search for 'Buy China inflatables,' you will often find cheaper inflatables. That is, of course, very tempting. But be aware of additional costs. For example, you must purchase a blower separately and pay a lot for importing. Moreover, the delivery time is long, and you will only receive service if something is wrong with the bouncy castle. So, unfortunately, quality and safety often prove to be compromised.

Do you rent an imitation bouncy castle? Then you are in violation.

At JB Inflatables, we develop our inflatables ourselves. We are, of course, proud of that, and there are copyrights to it. Unfortunately, some foreign suppliers copy our inflatables, and we try to prevent this as much as possible. If you (unintentionally) rent out an imitation cushion, you are, unfortunately, also in violation. Do you have doubts about the authenticity of your bouncy castle? Do not hesitate and do not hesitate to contact us. Together we will find a solution.

A bouncy castle with a certificate from a Dutch inspection body is required for the rental.

Choose quality, safety, and security.

Buying a new bouncy castle is an investment that you want to make well-considered. JB Inflatables is happy to help you with that. Of course, we deliver our inflatables, including the required certificate and without additional costs. What you see is what you get! This way, you can be sure of an innovative, high-quality, and safe bouncy castle and our service.

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