Inflatable eye-catchers for your sports club

Whether at a professional sports club, an amateur club or at a tournament, our inflatables provide an unforgettable atmosphere everywhere. From eye-catchers on the sidelines to indispensable parts of your competition, the creations of JB are as striking as they are reliable. Choose a standard model and put our designers to work to make it a custom attraction. This way you will make your sporting event truly unique.


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Eye-catchers on the sidelines

Are you organizing a sporting event or are you planning a classic match? Inflatable eye catchers along the sidelines instantly enhance the atmosphere! How about skydancers in your club's uniform or colorful skytubes with sponsor logos? If you really want to make a statement, you can even have an inflatable club mascot designed. Make it as exciting as you want. With a custom inflatable, it's all about winning.

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Take your event to the new level

An inflatable attraction makes your soccer tournament even more fun. Challenge participants to show their best street soccer tricks in a panna cage. Or make it tough on star players on a soccer soap arena. For sharpshooters, soccer darts is quite a challenge: who will be the first to shoot the bull's-eye? When it comes to soccer, the inflatable possibilities are endless.

Ready for the start

On your marks, get set, go! Without a start and finish line, there is no running race, athletics tournament or cycling tour. JB designs sturdy start and finish arches can be fully customized. For example, in the corporate colors of your event or with the logos of sponsors. A fantastic setting for the biggest crowd pullers during your race.




Something for everyone

If everything goes well, your sporting event will attract a large crowd. From fanatical supporters to friends and family. And let's face it... Not everyone may find the match equally interesting. Especially the little ones can get bored. Fortunately, children have a great time on a bounce house! Whatever you have in mind - small, large and everything in between - we can design and deliver it for you in no time.


How we work

Are you looking for a unique play paradise or bounce house in your organization's house style? Tell us what your requirements are and our design team will quickly come up with the initial design . Completely satisfied with the design? Then the JB-team will make sure that your idea becomes reality in no time. You can also order all kinds of standard inflatables from JB, which are always directly available from stock.

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