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A giant inflatable play park. Doesn't it sound exciting? JB Inflatables helps you to create the perfect play paradise for your target audience. Obstacles, interactive games, different themes and colours; nothing is too crazy. From design to implementation, JB Inflatables ensures that your inflatable dream park!

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What are the advantages of Inflatable parks?

A custom made inflatable park from JB Inflatables is always a good idea. And here is why:

Turnkey delivery

Together with you we make, without any obligation or cost, a great inflatable park design according to your wishes. As soon as the design is ready we will present it at your location both in blueprint format, and 3D virtual video tour format. An important point of on location presentation is an ability for JB to inspect the place and make sure there are no technical adjustments that need to take place in the design. We will present this by means of computer designs and video material. A personal meeting is a crucial step in the process, allowing JB and the client to discuss the possibilities of working together, look through all the important aspects of the design of the park and focus on 48-hour service and maintenance advice.

Please note: JB-Inflatable Parks is not dependent on third parties in design, production and the unique 48-hour service, everything is in-house. We are in full control of the process!

48-hour service of Inflatable park

For over 15 years JB-Inflatables has been working with a very high quality standard, based on this standard JB-Inflatable Parks have their unique 2 years long 48-hour service.

JB-Inflatable Parks warranty is 2 years! Our service team is in-house, so in case of an emergency we will come directly to your location and fix the problem.

In addition, we offer standard spares for attraction which get intensively used such as slides, basejumps etc. for every inflatable as an extra service. During the warranty period of 2 years, we will check the inflatable park at least once a year for free to check on any cases that have to be serviced and on overall safety in general .

Promo pack with merchandize and videos from famous youtubers!

JB-Inflatables goes further than just providing you with a spectacular Inflatable playground. In order to attract many visitors, you need (media) attention for new and existing customers.

We provide this attention by creating video materials as time-lapse at installation, which you can later share on social media. In addition, we invite one or more famous youtubers to review the park and have the craziest fun. This exposure will be seen by thousands or maybe even hundreds of thousands within your customer target group!

In addition, we can provide you with custom made Bounce socks, crazy mascot suits, external advertising materials as skydancer and skytubes,  and any own beach balls or mini inflatables.

Inflatable Parks Financing opportunities

JB-Inflatables co-invests! JB-Inflatables knows how important a good cooperation is and that it doesn't end with just making a design and delivering the product. JB-Inflatables also gives you the opportunity to invest together in your inflatable park.

Invest together with JB Inflatables in a Giga inflatable playground. Together with you, we turn your wishes into a play paradise where children are having the time of their life. Can you picture your custom-made inflatable playground? We do too! And we are happy to help you with the realisation: from the first idea to the complete installation.

JB Inflatables offers a turn-key delivery - a unique 24-hour warranty on location - and the co-investing in promotional opportunities like collaborating with well-known YouTubers for a lot of exposure!

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about our inflatable parks? About the purchase, the possibilities, our service, installation, design process or any other aspects ? We probably have the answer. Maybe your question is among our frequently asked questions. And of course we will be happy to answer you personally.


Which material is used for production of Infatable parks?

Our in-house production department works with 680 gram PVC cloth.The most vulnerable spots are reinforced with special in-sewn straps, and all sems are sewn through at least 4 times.

What is the warranty period of Inflatable park?

On our inflatable parks we offer 1 year warranty and service maintenance. And if you unexpectedly have a problem, our in-house service department will of course solve it for you.

What is the lead-time?

Between your approval on the design and the complete installation of your customized inflatable park is only 10 weeks. Open your entertainment business without time delays!

What are possibilities?

Really, everything! We can provide your inflatable park with the most eye-catching and challenging inflatable playground equipment. And it is possible to add mechanical attractions such as a rodeo bull or sweeper. If you really want the ultimate experience, then we definitely recommend our interactive games. Would you like more information about the possibilities? Please feel free to contact our sales team.

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Is there a safety certificate provided with an Inflatable park?

Absolutely. An inflatable theme park comes with the NEN-EN 14960 certificate and a logbook with manual.

Are there spare parts included?

JB Inflatables standardly delivers with every inflatable park an extra blower and an extra slide sheet .

Do blowers make a lot of noise?

They are actually not that loud.However, we've designed special blower covers that reduce sound by up to 40%.

Do I still have to do something with my inflatable park after purchase?

No, we deliver your inflatable park as a turn-key project. The only thing you are allowed to do is to open its doors.

What can I do if there is a pillar in the middle of my room?

JB Inflatables has already converted a lot of spaces into indoor inflatable park in recent years. There is literally no obstacle in our way. We make sure that you can use your space optimally and build the inflatable park around the pillar as smart as possible.

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