JB Inflatables and SC Heerenveen: A creative collaboration that pushes boundaries

When SC Heerenveen was looking for skytubes and skydancers to add an extra dimension to their football field, they did not expect that this would be the beginning of a unique collaboration with JB Inflatables. In our showroom in Meppel, the club representatives quickly discovered that we have much more to offer than just traditional inflatable items. The collaboration between JB Inflatables and SC Heerenveen is a great example of how sports and leisure can not only complement but also strengthen each other. 

JB Inflatables en SC Heerenveen maken promotie artikelen in huisstijl

Promotional materials and football accessories designed in corporate style

Instead of just meeting the original request, JB Inflatables went a step further by providing a range of colorful, inspiring, and multifunctional sports attractions. A panna cage, target shooting game, boarding, football darts, and pinball machine have been developed, all in the corporate style of SC Heerenveen. These products are not only an asset to the stadium but also offer youth unprecedented opportunities to further develop their football skills. From football clinics to fan events, JB Inflatables' contributions make every football experience even more engaging and interactive.

Voetbalattributen in huisstijl laten ontwerpen, opblaasbare promotiematerialen

Innovation in Sports and Recreation

This collaboration highlights how JB Inflatables looks beyond the traditional use of inflatable products and creates new opportunities for sports and recreation. It is a wonderful example of how a creative approach and a willingness to think outside the box can lead to unique partnerships that enrich both the sports world and the community.


Esmee from JB: Football has the power to bring people together, just like our inflatable products. Both JB Inflatables and SC Heerenveen are well-known names in the north, and this collaboration brings together the best of both worlds.

JB Inflatables en SC Heerenveen maken promotie artikelen in huisstijl

Designed for you

Looking for your own unique inflatable or skydancer? Tell us your wishes, and the JB Promotions team will gladly provide you with a non-binding design advice.

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