JB Inflatables goes to Hollywood!

JB's snowman Sumo suits are popular. So popular, in fact, that they got a starring role in the famous movie Office Christmas party! How cool is that? This American comedy stars Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, among others.

When the CEO of a company wants to close one of its offices, the team decides to throw a great Christmas party one last time. At first, the party doesn't seem to be getting off the ground, until team leader Jason Bateman and his colleague Olivia Munn pull out their secret weapon: the Sumo Snowman suits from JB Inflatables!

The two do a hilarious dance in their JB outfits. The audience obviously appreciates this and the party becomes a grandiose success from then on.

Are you going to organize a great Christmas part or are you just looking for a showstopping mascot suit? Then check our snowman Sumo suits! This is what they did at the Office Christmas Party.


Check out JB's Snowman Sumo suits in Office Christmas Party here:

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