Promo Dome Tent - Small


  • Length 3m
  • Width 3m
  • Height 3m

The ideal inflatable promo tent: Promo Dome Tents from JB

Looking for a lightweight, customizable and easy to set up promotional tent ? JB Promo Dome tent is exactly what you need. The tean can be used both in and outdoors and can be easily set up by 1 person in about 10 minutes. They come packed in a handy rolling bag, making transport and tidying up effortless. The Promo Dome Tents are available in 4 different sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.

Easy to set up and flexible construction .
The Promo Dome Tent is open on 4 sides. Each side can be closed by zipping in a cloth. It is also possible to connect multiple tents by connecting them with connectors. These cloths can of course be supplied in your house style or a print or colour of your choice. Do you want to stand out or create a little more space? Then choose a canopy that you can zip up. Connecting tents or attaching cloths is always done with a handy zipper. Contact our sales department for more information!

Easy to pack and transport!

The Promo Dome Tent comes with a handy bag with wheels and handles, which is easy to transport, even in the back of your car. The tents also come with anchoring bags, which you can fill with sand or water and which can be easily attached to the legs of the tent.

These tents can even be used in places where there is no power point when you buy the separate battery. In short: with the Promo Dome Tent you have an easy to set up and flexible to use roof that is suitable for promotional activities, but is also an ideal tent during parties or open days.

Good to know

Practical information

Setup time approx. 10 minutes
Inflated product
Length 3m
Width 3m
Height 3m
Max. height player 1,8m
Setup / dismantling
Setup/Dismantling duration approx. 10 minutes
Persons to setup/dismantle 2 persons
Blowers Bravo OV6 Luchtpomp x 1
Weight per blower Bravo OV6 Luchtpomp = 1,3 kg
Specifications packaged product
Amount of packages 1x
Warranty 2 years warranty
Service 2 Year service
  • Logbook/manual
  • Repair kit
  • Anchoring material
  • Blower(s)
  • Transport bag

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