Sammontana, IT: Summery inflatable attractions for ice cream lovers!

When we think of an ice cream giant, we quickly come up with OLA. But Italians melt away at Sammontana: the country's favorite ice cream company for more than 70 years. When you have a company with such an immense history, charisma and reputation, your marketing has to be in order, of course. Especially at sunny events, where (potential) customers of all ages run around salivating.

JB Promotions van JB Inflatables; De maatwerk specialist voor opblaasbare reclame artikelen en promotiematerialen op maat gemaakt in eigen huisstijl


Sammontana means fun, no matter the age, an ice-cream will make anybody's day. JB summarized that feeling in the three unique inflatables for the brand: a colourful football darts, a cheerful ice cream twister and an eye-catching inflatable ice cream stand.



You can do anything with custom inflatables: a few fresh corporate identity elements, a good image of your target group and a few clever ideas are enough to make amazing items. The units made for Sammontana prove it. Fortunately, the collaboration was also extremely pleasant. The ice cream company set to work enthusiastically with our designers and they provided high-quality logos and corporate identity materials.


Three ultimate eye-catchers - or should we say ice-catchers? - with which seaside visitors, beachgoers, fair visitors and other ice-cream lovers can spot Sammontana's activities from far. Thanks to the unique, recognizable design of the inflatables, the brand is extra popularat every event they attend.


Wherever we go, our custom inflatables are a true people magnet. With this amazing inflatable setup for events, we would still be selling ice cream at the North Pole!


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