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Mechanical Rodeo & Sweeper

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Focus, balance and body control! Who stays the longest on the rotating and only faster moving rodeo bull? Are you the best cowboy? Or who stays the longest on his plateau, while the pole rotates in the middle? A rodeo bull or sweeper will be a hit at any school event, bachelor event or birthday party! All participants, as well as the spectators are guaranteed to enjoy these spectacular attractions.

Rodeo bull, a real crowd puller

A rodeo bull acts as a magnet for visitors to every feast. It is therefore justifiably a fantastic crowd puller for young and old! The competitive character gives an extra dimension to this sporting experience. Because how cool is it to stay seated as long as possible and challenge your family and friends? With a rodeo bull at your event you are sure to leave an indelible impression on all visitors!

Buy Rodeo bull at JB Inflatables: a safe choice

Buying a rodeo bull at JB Inflatables means that in addition to a lot of fun, you choose quality and safety. We understand very well that your customers want to rent a rodeo bull that is 100% safe. That's why we have all the required safety certificates. Of course, this also applies to all JB Inflatables sweepers. Because the safety of the participants and spectators is paramount.

Buying a sweeper, is that a smart investment?

Absolutely! It will take you little effort to find customers for a mechanical bull or an exciting sweeper: these attractions are hugely loved by adults and youngsters alike! You will earn back your investment easily and quickly. Do you find it difficult to determine which variant is doing well in your neighborhood and do you need some help with that? We like to think along with you. Together we will certainly come to the smartest choice!

Mechanical bull with 1 year warranty

Are you planning on buying a challenging sweeper? Or do you want to buy a spectacular rodeo bull? Whatever you choose, with JB Inflatables you go for quality and service. Moreover, we offer a 1 year warranty on all our mechanical bulls. And does something go wrong? Then our service team is ready for you. This way you can be sure that your customer can enjoy the excitement and the spectacle without worries. So do not hesitate and make a choice from our wide range!

Do you dare to take a ride on the Inflatable Rodeo or Sweeper?

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