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With our football skytubes and skydancers, you can make your sports club, association, or event stand out. At JB Inflatables you will find an extensive range of air dancers in various colors and designs, all with a 3D football as the head. Do you want to order inflatable advertising? Then choose skytubes and skydancers in football style.

Air dancers with 3D football as their head

Our collection of air dancers comes in the form of a tube and a sky dancer. One version is a tube that flutters considerably thanks to the air from the blower, the other has the shape of a man with legs and arms. We have the air dancers in various colors and with various football outfits. Your favorite colors are sure to be included.

Striking football skytubes and skydancers for your sports club, association, or event

Thanks to the soccer style, these air dancers are a perfect eye-catcher if you want to put your club, association, or event in the spotlight. They can be seen from afar due to the striking colors and the large 3D ball as a head. Would you like to order such a colorful skytube or skydancer? Very wise, because they are versatile.

Order a skytube or skydancer with your company logo

The air dancers are of high quality. JB Inflatables can also make your skytube and skydancer in full color or process it with your company logo or 3D logo. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Request custom skytubes and skydancers as eye-catchers for your company or events

Custom-made Skydancers and Advertising pillars!

Do you have a kick-off, a product launch or a company opening and would you like to draw attention to it? Then our skydancers, skytubes and light pillars are ideal. We can create the promo products in the corporate colors, with logo or slogan. Nothing is too crazy for us. We make it a beautiful and eye-catching advertisement!

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