Intents Festival, NL: it's all in the dj booth!

Every summer tens of thousands of dance lovers travel with their pop-up tents to Oisterwijk in Brabant. Their exact destination? A sports park that serves as a magical parallel music world for over a weekend: the Intents Festival. The line-up consists of DJs playing the "harder styles" such as hardstyle and hardcore. That means: 150 to 180 beats per minute! No wonder the festival grounds are buzzing with energy.

But Intents Festival is not just about music. The eye wants something too! The most impressive stages are set up on the festival grounds: large, colourful and full of special effects - from spectacular projections to confetti cannons and an amazing fireworks show. Some stages have been skilfully welded and hammered together by creative makers. Others... are up in no time!

JB Promotions van JB Inflatables; De maatwerk specialist voor opblaasbare podia, reclame artikelen en promotiematerialen op maat gemaakt

Assignment: practical dj booth in style

Every edition of Intents Festival has a theme. In 2017 it was 'It's all in the game': sports! Pretty appropriate, considering the location. The organization called in JB Promotions to design a matching dj booth for one of the stages. Unlike the stage itself, which took a few days to complete, the booth had to be built in no time. In short: it had to be a practical piece of decor, but as impressive as the stage itself.


Opblaasbaar podium Intents festival

Approach: design, test and design

Of course we can't say no to an assignment like that! Our designers went straight to work. The idea was to design an inflatable American football helmet with enough space inside for the DJ and his or her set. The giant had to be up in 2 hours. And it was! After an intensive period of thinking and designing, plus a few rounds of testing, JB Promotions delivered the inflatable dj booth.  

Result: Amazed visitors!

And as it turned out... The DJ booth was a great success! It was quickly installed with the assistance of our team, fitted perfectly into the decor - and over the course of the weekend, grew into a crowd favourite. So much so that the organization reinstated the design for the anniversary edition of Intents Festival in 2019. Touchdown!


Intents is one of the most progressive dance festivals in the Netherlands. And we actually want each edition to surpass the previous one. That's why we always come up with amazing stages.

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