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Disco Dome Bouncy Castles for Sale

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We are extremely proud of our disco bounce houses, because they are fully JB's invention and have become extremely popular worldwide! Buying a disco bounce house from JB is a smart choice. Jumping and dancing in disco domes is a great experience for kids. And if no one is watching, parents and teenagers will also enjoy a jump and dance along. With this eye-catching disco moonwalk you make every children's party or any other event!

Buy Disco dome, one of the most spectacular inflatables

A disco bounce house is a real must-have in any rental company's assortment. A combination of Disco and Bounce house - what can be more fun? Flickering disco and cheeful music create a great atmosphere to dance and jump. It is a one spectacular crowd-puller and works like a magnet on children. Not only kids enjoy their time inside Disco dome, but also grown-ups. Any event will become spectacular with inflatable Disco dome!

Extra wide assortment of Disco domes at JB

Looking into purchasing a Disco bounce house? We have one of the broadest assortment of Disco domes and bounce houses in general. No matter the age, we have the bounce houses for young and old, in different sizes and themes: Princesses and cars, circus and disco party. We also have multi themed domes with exchangable banners. Anything you need for a great indoor or outdoor party!

Is it smart to invest in Disco dome with sound and lights?

Definitely! A Disco bounce house is guaranteed to be a great investment, mainly as it's suitable for any targer audience. So renting it our will be easy as it fits any party. Disco domes have anormous popularity in entertainment sphere. You can be sure to earn your investment back in no time. Find it diffecult to choose a disco dome? We are happy to help you with the choice. Together we can pick the best option for your business.

Custom-made Disco bounce house for professional use

Make a smart decision before buying an inflatable Disco dome, make sure you choose the right model, theme and size. Are you looking for a specific design and we do not offer it in our standard assortment? No compromises! We can easily design and manufacture an inflatable that you were imagining! Moreover we offer same 5 year warranty on custom-made products, so it's a win-win.

Photo of an inflatable tractor and bouncy castle

A bouncy castle in your house style!

In addition to our huge standard range, we also manufacture personalised bouncy castles in your company colours and style.

Go for custom made
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