With the Capsules from JB Inflatables, you can safely store your RV, car or motorcycle anytime, anywhere. You no longer have to worry about someone crashing into your vintage car or your brand new car getting dirty. Are you looking for an inflatable garage for outdoors? JB Inflatables also has them in its assortment.

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Car enthusiasts Alert! With the Car Capsules from JB Inflatables, you create a safe place for your four-wheeler. Do you have a vintage car that you want to protect from water, dust and accidents? Put your car in it, then inflate a Capsule, Showcase or Prostation and you're done; Super easy and super safe! Choose an outdoor option when you want to store your car or camper elsewhere. The canvas is weatherproof and the material can take a beating. A great and affordable alternative to a permanent garage or roof.

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Prostation carcapsule om voertuigen veilig in te stallen. doorzichtig met zwarte

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Car capsule voor buiten om voertuigen in te zetten kopen
Outdoor Car Capsule - 427 x 198 x 173 cm
€ 569,00

€ 688,49 (incl. VAT)

Production available on request
Opblaasbare outdoor car capsule kopen voor het stallen van je voertuig
Outdoor Car Capsule - 671 x 229 x 203 cm
€ 729,00

€ 882,09 (incl. VAT)

In stock
Opblaasbare showcase car capsule om auto in te zetten kopen
Showcase - 447 x 282 x 198 cm Black
€ 1.749,00

€ 2.116,29 (incl. VAT)

In stock
Showcase car capsule om voertuig in te zetten kopen in het wit
Showcase - 447 x 282 x 198 cm White
€ 1.749,00

€ 2.116,29 (incl. VAT)

In stock
Opblaasbare motor capsule om je motor in te stallen bestellen
Bike Capsule - 244 x 81 x 173 cm
€ 499,00

€ 603,79 (incl. VAT)

In stock
Opblaasbare buiten showcase om je motor in te zetten kopen in grijs zwart
Outdoor Bike Showcase - 274 x 147 x 183-206 cm
€ 799,00

€ 966,79 (incl. VAT)

In stock