Area 50 Jump, DE: Anyone can come and jump

Why should an indoor bouncy castle park be just for kids? At Area 50 Jump in Bergkamen, Germany, they don't fuss about age: everyone is welcome!

To reopen Area 50 Jump, JB developed a beautiful play park, including a slide, climbing wall, and an arena full of interactive inflatable play equipment. Children are, of course, very welcome, but adults are also welcome to come and jump. In addition, area 50 Jump also makes inflatables available to people who want to do movement exercises. So multifunctional! JB designed the park specifically for the space and is completely aligned with the vision and plans of Area 50 Jump.

Maatwerk Indoor speel park Area 50 Jump


At JB Inflatables, we always go for the highest quality. Fortunately, Area 50 Jump was looking for precisely that: for the reopening of their indoor jumping park, they were looking for inflatables that are not only great fun but also sturdy, safe, and low-maintenance. Say no more! 



After we understood what Area 50 Jump had in mind, the designers of JB made a proposal, which we discussed extensively with the client. Then we got to work! When developing the various devices, we used solid materials with extra reinforcements in places with much friction. We also ensured that all parts of the park were easy to set up and keep clean. Because no matter how nice a park is, safety and hygiene are paramount!

Maatwerk Indoor speel park Area 50 Jump


Just like with Area 50 Jump, we at JB are very proud of the result: a unique, tailor-made play park full of activities for young and old!

We are proud of the result: a unique playground for young and old!

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