Blower 750 Watt

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Blower 750 Watt, for JB’s inflatable party figures
For companies renting out inflatable attractions such as themed figures and other products it is always sensible to include extra blowers in their rental range. Because it makes sense to be prepared for occasions in which a customer needs an extra blower, or one happens to be broken or rented out. This particular blower is a perfect back-up option in your collection, because it can be used to inflate a variety of themed figures, and keeps them properly inflated with a constant air supply.
The blower capacity is 750 Watt.
This keeps your themed figures properly inflated
Obviously the size of the themed inflatable figure or attraction ultimately determines the capacity you need to keep it properly inflated. The capacity of this particular blower makes it a suitable option for themed figures.
A convenient feature of this 750 Watt blower is its on/off switch. It goes without saying it perfectly matches the air intakes of JB inflatables.
Handy blower with a 1-year warranty
JB-I is known for its usage of only the best products. Not only does this principle apply to our attractions, but also to our tools - like this blower. Therefore, we confidently provide you with a 1-year warranty for this products.
JB: 15,000 enthusiastic customers in 15 years
JB has been in business for 15 years now. For 15,000 people around the world, we have delivered items to help people celebrate festive occasions. Our team of designers, developers and logistic staff want to make it a unique experience for everyone. And with us you are always assured of our service and high-quality delivery! It is for good reason people call us ‘creators of greatness’!

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Inflated product
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Weight 10kg
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Warranty 1 year warranty
Service 1 Year service
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