Bounce Valley Eindhoven: From a Church to an Inflatable Bounce Paradise!

In the heart of a residential area in Eindhoven lies a location of the indoor inflatable park chain Bounce Valley…

Bounce Valley boasts a total of 11 different sites. However, this particular branch of Bounce Valley has a very unique setting. It is situated in the former Holy Hearts Church, which makes this indoor bounce paradise quite extraordinary.

Inflatable bounce park Bounce Valley Eindhoven in pink and blue available online at JB

Bounce Valley Assignment

The building's previous life as a church meant it wasn't exactly designed to be transformed into an inflatable bounce park. There were differences in height within the space, a need to accommodate limited power supplies, and the importance of utilising the limited size and 'unique' shape as efficiently as possible.


Inflatable Park Approach

Given the various challenges of this location, a lot of problem-solving was required. How do you accommodate a building with such a unique shape and limited power facilities? By focusing on what is possible, of course! The designers at JB were faced with an exciting challenge. Based on Bounce Valley's wishes, they went to the drawing board to come up with a well-thought-out design. Despite its limited size, the park includes a wide variety of attractions, making it unique and interesting.

Inflatable Bounce Park Bounce Valley Eindhoven in pink and blue online at JB-Inflatables

Inflatable Bounce Park Final Outcome

Naturally, Bounce Valley has other locations, which means there's already a clear style that you see everywhere. This park too features a festive and colourful atmosphere. From the inside, it's almost impossible to tell that this space was once a church. Nowadays, this space is utilised by people who enjoy a great deal of playtime in this colourful and uniquely shaped inflatable bounce park.



"The attraction value is very high, I enjoy welcoming new people each time, who never tire of playing"

- Tom, assistant manager Bounce Valley Eindhoven

Tom, Assistant Manager at Bounce Valley Eindhoven, provides a quote


This park contains several different sections and attractions, making it an entertaining ensemble. It has a lot of variety. For instance, this park includes a ‘wipe out’ that you can jump over and a ‘catch the lights’ where you can test your speed while trying to hit all the lights; it also has a ‘ninja run’ and several slides. You can bounce around either alone or in a group. The perfect recipe for a healthy dose of fun for both young and old!


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