Modular obstacle course

An ultimate Obstacle course is the Giant modular obstacle course of JB Inflatables. Extremely large, extremely cool! The 40 inflatable modules can endlessly be combined into a unique mega obstacle course of no less than 50 meters. Our Giant modular obstacle course is longer and wider than the standard obstacle courses. So more challenge and fun for young and old. Crawl, run, jump, climb and slide, go for the ultimate experience!

Modulaire stormbaan

JB offers

Opt for a spectacular obstacle course. Choose the modules (we offer 40 modules) and combine the elements into your unique mega modular obstacle course. The possibilities are endless.

What are the advantages of a Giant obstacle course from JB?

Buying a Giant modular assault course from JB Inflatables is always a good idea. To name but a few advantages:

  1. Expand at any time

    Thanks to the separate elements, you decide for yourself how much you invest. This way you can expand your Giant modular assault course at any time.

  2. Certificate per element

    All elements are individually certified. So you can choose how many elements you want to put together for each event.

  3. A wow factor

    Our Giant modular assault course is absolutely unique thanks to its variable size and attractions. So you can really stand out and make a lasting impression.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about our Giant modular assault course? About the purchase, the possibilities, our service or any other aspects? We probably have the answer. Maybe your question is among our frequently asked questions. And of course we will be happy to give you a personal answer.

What is the maximum length that The giant obstacle course modules can be combined in?

There is literally no limit. Currently we offer 40 inflatable modules that can be combined freely, though we keep innovating and developing new modules. You choose how many modules you want to combine and in which way. Kilometres of fun? Let's make it happen.

Can I use the inflatable modules separately?

Each module in the Giant series has its own certificate and may therefore be used separately.

Can I buy a Giant assault course in my own colours?

That is certainly possible! You can buy a mega assault course in any colour and theme you want. Our in-house design and production department can produce a very unique modular assault course based on your wishes.

How many users are allowed on the mega modular assault course at the same time?

Regular modules can be used by 8 users at the same time and larger modules can safely have 12 users. For more information address to your account manager or the product certificate.

What is the warranty period?

We offer 2 years warranty and service maintenance on the Giant modular obstacle course. We are convinced that the modules (in normal use) will stay perfectly functionctional and will not break within this period. And if you do have a problem, our in-house service department will, of course, solve it for you.

How much power does Giant modular obstacle course require?

This of course depends on the quantity of modules your mega modular assault course consists of. Most modules work on 2 blowers of 1.1 kW

How to transport my Giant inflatable obstacle course?

The Giant inflatable obstacle course consists of separate modules. These can just as well be transported as a standard assault course.