Bumper balls kids

€ 425,00

€ 514,25 (incl. VAT)


  • Length 0m
  • In stock
  • 2 years warranty
  • € 149,00 Shipping costs per pallet for online orders
  • Blower included
  • If in stock, delivery within 4 - 5 business days
  • Customers give JB a 9.5 / 10
Bumperballen spel kopen
Bumper balls Adults
€ 485,00

€ 586,85 (incl. VAT)

In stock
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Speed Football Shooter
€ 1.850,00

€ 2.238,50 (incl. VAT)

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Football Darts
€ 2.299,00

€ 2.781,79 (incl. VAT)

Production available on request
Opblaasbare voetbaldarts small om met een bal op te schieten te koop
Soccer Darts Small
€ 1.699,00

€ 2.055,79 (incl. VAT)

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€ 2.781,79 (incl. VAT)

In stock

Ready for action? GO!

No matter if your customers have a company, birthday, or bachelor party planned, you will offer a memorable day with these Bumper Balls. It is a fun and exciting action-packed game for everyone. Whether young or old, everyone can participate and enjoy the experience. That is why the Bumper Balls come in both an adult and a kid’s variety. Participants put on the suits, pick teams… and then they can get started and play football! It will quickly be hilarious to watch, because of all the players rolling around. Ready for action? GO!

Easy to inflate and quickly ready for use

Use the high-pressure blower to easily inflate the Bumper Ball within 5 minutes. This inflatable attraction can easily be transported because of its compact rolled-up format. Bumper Balls come with a transport bag and a clear manual conveniently included. It is the complete package for a fantastic experience.

Innovative premium-quality design

JB inflatables have several reinforced tension points, are multiply stitched and are made of strong, high-quality PVC. This makes them easy to keep clean and they are durable to boot. The Bumper Balls come with a warranty for no less than 2 years, allowing you to offer a product with years of optimum playing fun.

Purchase these Bumper Balls and deliver the experience your customers will remember as a hilarious day!

More than 15,000 customers also opted for JB

JB has made people around the world jump for joy for over 15 years now. More often than not literally! Our team of designers, developers and logistic staff supply unique inflatable attractions in a grand way! Customers are assured of our professional service and delivery. That is exactly why they tend to call us ‘creators of greatness’!

Jumping girl

Good to know

Practical information

Setup time approx. 10 minutes
Package format 1 x 1,2 x 1,2 meter
Max. total 1 persons
Inflated product
Length 0m
Amount of players 1
Setup / dismantling
Setup/Dismantling duration approx. 10 minutes
Persons to setup/dismantle 1 person
Blowers Bravo OV6 Luchtpomp x 1
Weight per blower Bravo OV6 Luchtpomp = 1,3 kg
Specifications packaged product
Length 1m
Depth 1,2m
Amount of packages 1x
Warranty 2 years warranty
Service 2 Year service
  • Logbook/manual
  • Blower(s)
  • Transport bag

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