Inflatable play park Airspace: what a space!

Suppose you own four popular trampoline parks and want to take a giant leap forward. What are you doing then? Simple, you open an inflatable indoor park of no less than 1,400 m2.

JB Inflatables has made a name for itself internationally in the field of inflatable fun parks. Polish entrepreneur Maciej Lésniak also discovered this when he started looking for a partner for his latest project. His trampoline parks are extremely popular, but he is always looking for ways to innovate and increase his share of the amusement industry. That is how he came up with the idea for a huge inflatable indoor playground. We asked whether we wanted to design, produce and install this custom project fully.

Air Space Inflatable Play Park


Our client had a clear vision for an inflatable indoor playground. It had to consist of as many different inflatable attractions as possible and be suitable for children and young people. The theme? Space travel!



Maciej wanted to come to our main location in Meppel for the kick-off meeting. After the tour, we discussed all the possibilities and made an inventory of his wishes. Based on this, our design department designed the stars of heaven. We quickly devised a final design with Maciej, which we then produced and installed on location.



Airspace has become a unique inflatable indoor park, measuring no less than 1,400 m2. The play paradise includes three large slides, various obstacle courses, a climbing tower and interactive games. This vast inflatable attraction offers children of all ages the necessary challenges. And on a gigantic airbag, even the smallest visitors can jump safely. Visitors can see the space theme in all sorts of places. Think of inflatable space shuttles, rockets and other futuristic details. The absolute eye-catcher? The enormous inflatable astronaut helmet is in the middle of the play park.

The director of Airspace has nice words about the collaboration: “Of course, I had some experience with trampoline parks, but for my latest plan, I was looking for an experienced partner in the field of inflatable fun parks. Soon I ended up at JB Inflatables. My project was huge, and JB is a big player. So that fit well. Moreover, many young people work here who understand what my target group wants.”


It was a leap of faith, but now I’m bouncing with happiness


“The park is running great, and I am delighted with the cooperation with JB. During the design and production phase, the contact was excellent, and I received quick answers to my questions. And if something needs to be repaired now, I have to call, and they will come as soon as possible. I’m already thinking about a new trampoline park. I want to work with JB again on this. Having a good partner for these kinds of projects is nice.”


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