Warranty and top service

At JB, we highly value service!

Therefore there is an in-house service department that takes care of all service operations. They can repair all inflatables from a bouncy house to a gigantic obstacle course. Our industrial sewing machines are part of our professional equipment. To guarantee the quality, we only work with the best materials. This way we ensure that you and your customers can enjoy the product for a long time!


Quality and warranty

All our bouncy houses and attractions have a warranty of one year on materials and workmanship. All inflatables not used daily or in a fixed setting, receive an additional 4-year warranty upon request. Our in-house service professionals are highly skilled in repairing inflatables, even if they are complex. Contact us at [email protected] for advice or to make an appointment for your repair.


Need our assistance?

Please contact our customer service. The JB-Inflatables sales team is here to help you.

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